Developed by box owners, specifically for box owners!


  • Member Gym Registration
  • Member class Check-in system.
  • Member workout logging.
  • Social Leaderboard featuring:
    Socialize with fellow Athletes
    Personal profile to keep track of progress
    daily custom ranking system for the WOD, Benchmark, Strength and Skill
  • Online League system for athletes to register and compete in Wodtime sponsored events.

FOR gym owners

  • New member registration and billing.
  • Attendance and check in system.
  • Youtube link video support to add to the WOD for standards or promotion.
  • Custom scheduling feature.
  • Check in Kiosk.
  • Custom member alerts so Coaches can keep track of their membership issues.
  • Member social leaderboard to keep members engaged in your gym.
  • Full event builder for custom events.
  • Media tab for promoting and hosting gym video blogs.